CIS statement regarding UBC (Vancouver campus)

CIS statement regarding UBC (Vancouver campus)

OTTAWA (CIS) – Canadian Interuniversity Sport is an organization of member universities from across the country who share a common goal of providing positive experiences for over 10,000 student-athletes. One of our members is studying the options for its future given that an opportunity to apply to the NCAA Division II has been made available to Canadian institutions since 2008.

CIS is united in its interest that the University of British Columbia (Vancouver campus) remains a member of our organization.

As a founding member of CIS, UBC Vancouver and its Thunderbird teams have set a standard of excellence.

The T-Birds are an important part of CIS tradition. Over the years UBC has won a significant number of CIS medals and championship titles in a variety of sports and has distinguished itself by earning BLG Awards, as well as many CIS athlete and coach of the year honours.

UBC has played host to a number of CIS championships and has done an outstanding job of welcoming student-athletes from across Canada to Thunderbird territory.

Moreover, UBC employees have made significant contributions to the leadership of CIS by serving on the Board of Directors, a variety of committees, as well as mission and coaching staffs for Universiades.

There are few universities in the country that can claim the same distinguished level of involvement and achievement.

UBC Vancouver is deliberating its options for where its varsity sports programs should compete in the years to come, and it is also important to note that they will be making a decision in the very near future.  Earlier this month the CIS senior leadership team met with UBC President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Stephen Toope, to express in person how important UBC is to CIS and to report on the progress to move the yard-sticks forward on the areas of concern that UBC put on the table in October of 2008.

"CIS would be diminished without UBC," said CIS President Clint Hamilton. "We sincerely hope UBC Vancouver chooses to remain a CIS member and to work with us as we address pressing issues and grow CIS."